10bet体育开户 ISD的教师对学生和社区的成长和发展是无价的. 面对今年每天带来的挑战,他们继续做着令人惊叹的事情, 10bet体育开户表彰10bet体育开户2022年的年度教师(TOY),表彰他们为提高教学和学习水平、让10bet体育开户的学生走向光明未来所做出的努力. 每年, 每个校园都会选择一个玩具来表彰他们在课堂和整个校园学习社区中的贡献. These teachers are up for a chance to be selected as the District’s Elementary TOY, announced in early May. 地区获胜者将有机会继续和竞争地区和国家玩具的称号.

For the 2022 TOY showcase, we asked campus winners, “What does it mean to be a leader in the classroom?”

注意: The District 和 Texas TOY program awards teachers until the next school year. Therefore, they are awarded 和 named TOY for the next year 和 not the current year.

Middle School Teachers of the Year

CD富尔克 2022 Teacher of the Year Leaucreshia Hall

Leaucreshia Hall, Sixth Grade Special 教育
C.D. Fulkes Middle School

作为一名教师在课堂上意味着我可以提高学生对学习的热爱,告诉他们知识就是力量. If they work hard, they can achieve anything. 作为教室里的领导者,让我成为学生们的积极榜样,同时也成为他们最大的啦啦队长. 我可以和学生们一起庆祝成功,并在他们需要的时候帮助和指导他们.

Jessica Harper, Seventh Grade ELA
峡谷Vista Middle School

Third grade was when I announced to my parents: “I want to be a teacher when I grow up,” 和 I never considered any other profession. I have been fortunate to have many wonderful teachers throughout my life. I will never forget how much my third-grade teacher made me feel smart 和 loved. I am forever indebted to my sixth-grade teacher, who taught me the value of hard work. I became the person I am today because of my high school leadership teacher, who pushed me to take risks. The combination of these experiences makes me the teacher I am today. When students enter my classroom, I want them to know that they are cared for 和 that I will push 和 challenge them. 作为一个教育家, I do my best to lead by example. 我觉得我有责任为学生创造一个学习自主权和努力做到最好的环境.

峡谷Vista 2022 Teacher of the Year Jessica Harper
雪松谷 2022 Teacher of the Year Chen Li

Chen Li, Seventh Grade Math
雪松谷 Middle School

作为教室里的领导者意味着我需要以任何可能的方式支持和帮助学生们学习数学, 从设计有效但易于理解的课程,到为日常任务提供即时和详细的反馈. It means I need to be a good observer 和 a good listener. Every student is unique 和 has different learning styles 和 different needs. But not every student will tell you about their learning styles or their needs. 作为一个教育家, I need to be proactive 和 thoughtful, finding ways to accommodate students’ possible different needs. No students should be neglected whether they vocalize for themselves or not. It also means I need to reflect 和 improve. 是什么工作? What is not working? 保留有效的,改变无效的——如果需要的话,寻求其他教育工作者的帮助. Knowing when to ask for help is a life skill. It certainly applies to me.

Sarah Bilski, Seventh Grade ELA
奇泽姆小径 Middle School


奇泽姆小径 2022 Teacher of the Year Sarah Bilski
Deerpark 2022 Teacher of the Year Karen Searles

Karen Searles, Instructional Technology Specialist
Deerpark Middle School

Being an educator means having a say in what the future holds. It means molding the thinkers 和 tinkerers. It means teaching those who will lead, will create change, 和 discover well beyond your means.

Blanca Badillo, Spanish
格里森姆 Middle School

作为一名教师, I am always learning through teaching 和 teaching through trial 和 correction, especially as I involve students in the feedback 和 collaboration aspect of the class. This is the difference between just teaching 和 leading students in the classroom 和 modeling universal values 和 life skills that they will benefit from for the rest of their lives; it means teaching students about the world through the lens of the content area, especially teaching them to validate themselves, take responsibility for their actions, underst和 their learning style better, 和 accept that they can always choose to be better 和 live a better life. 此外, 领导教学意味着我用我的经验和技能为我的同事提供研讨会或在会议上发言来改变世界语言教学的面貌.

格里森姆 2022 Teacher of the Year Blanca Badillo
埃尔南德斯 2022 Teacher of the Year Kelly Perch

Kelly Perch, Sixth Grade Science
埃尔南德斯 Middle School

Since I was young, I wanted to be a teacher. I wasn’t the best student in the class, but I loved school 和 always tried my hardest. 直到我上了大学,被诊断出患有阅读障碍,我才明白为什么我的学习能力与其他孩子不同. 在这一点上, I was determined to become the teacher I never had, 哪个老师会支持各种形式的学习者,以同情和理解拥抱常规的学习方式. I would lead by example. I was dyslexic 和 proud. 是的, 我挣扎着, 但当我大学毕业时,我明白了无论学生的“天赋”如何,他们都可以学习.” Every child has a gift, 和 we have to find out what it is. That is what teaching means to me.

Robin Vasser LeSane, Seventh Grade History
霍普韦尔 Middle School

在课堂上做一名教育工作者和领导者意味着要与学生建立良好的关系, starting day one. It means leading by example, which means showing empathy, kindness, 和 grace. Finally, it means inspiring my students’ success in 和 out of the classroom.

霍普韦尔 2022 Teacher of the Year Robin Vasser LeSane
皮尔森农场 2022 Teacher of the Year Holly Pazos

Holly Pazos, Sixth Grade ELA
皮尔森农场 Middle School

作为一名教育工作者和领导者,意味着我与学生们肩并肩地站在一起,并与他们分享可以做什么或如何让过去变得更好的愿景. 它意味着探索事实,引出深刻的问题,逐渐灌输惊奇和惊讶. 成为一名教育工作者意味着帮助学习者在尝试新事物的过程中经历欢乐和挫折. I am there to support, 鼓励并引导那些有时可能是“痛苦”的学习经历.

Robin Young, Instructional Technology Specialist
声誉卓著 Middle School

I want to model being a lifelong learner who takes risks 和 tries new things, 和 empowers others to keep learning 和 growing in their practice.

声誉卓著 2022 Teacher of the Year Robin Young
沃尔什 2022 Teacher of the Year Victoria S和ers

Victoria S和ers, Seventh Grade ELA
沃尔什 Middle School

Coming second to a child’s parents, a teacher is the most important adult in their life. I want my students to know that the minute I see their names on my roster, I already love them. I strive to be the teacher who leads by example, who shows up every day with their happiness 和 success first on my to-do list, 和 gives them unconditional love 和 support, no matter their circumstance. My students will never get anything less than my best, 和 I will always be their loyal confidant, their biggest cheerleader, their ultimate champion.

High School Teachers of the Year

Kelly Foster, Architecture 和 Engineering
雪松脊 High School

In a typical class period during an average school year, 我花了很多时间从一个学生到另一个学生,或者从一个小组到另一个小组,因为他们在开发他们的设计作品. 参观过我教室的人说,这里感觉就像一个协作的办公环境,每个人都朝着最后期限努力. 我试着引导我的学生通过基于职业的工作,就像一个好老板会授权他或她的员工一样. It’s a way of leading that centers on the ones being led 和 giving them the guidance, 鼓励, 和 challenges they need to grow.

雪松脊 2022 Teacher of the Year Kelly Foster
Early College 2022 Teacher of the Year Jaynelle Nowell

Jaynelle Nowell, Biology
Early College High School

在课堂上成为领导者意味着愿意成长和改变,不断提高和支持我的同事和学生. I want to support my students emotionally 和 academically, 和 being ready to grow 和 change is the primary way I do that. 作为领导者还意味着当学生和同事需要额外支持时,你愿意指导和帮助他们.

Ryan Arnold, Automotive Tech
麦克尼尔公司 High School

在课堂上做一个教育者和领导者,就是要始终以学生教育为目标. Keeping that as the top priority will always keep you focused on the right things. 所有的联系和经验都集中于帮助在职业和技术教育课堂上进一步发展现实世界的知识.

麦克尼尔公司 2022 Teacher of the Year Ryan Arnold

Photo taken prior to 2020-2021 school year

Round Round High School 2022 Teacher of the Year Susana Fletcher

Susana Fletcher, English
10bet体育开户 High School

教育, 最纯洁的, 是为了让学生批判性地思考世界,并有效地交流他们的想法. I’ve realized that my students naturally bring ideas into the classroom, 和, 作为一个教育家, I can allow these ideas to inform the curriculum. This co-facilitator model requires me to practice vulnerability, uplift student voices 和 experiences, 和 make room for meaningful 和 challenging conversations.

Zachary Foust, Macroeconomics 和 Geography
的点 High School

作为一个教育家, I want to make sure that every student has the opportunity to express genuine curiosity. 这意味着允许学生自由地分享他们的想法和信仰,同时引导那些偶尔扰乱或嘲笑同龄人的学生. 当我能让每个学生觉得他们对同学的成功有既得利益时, I will meet my personal goal.

的点 2022 Teacher of the Year Zachary Foust
成功 2022 Teacher of the Year Joanne Passwaters

Joanne Passwaters, Special 教育
成功 High School

作为一名教育工作者和课堂领导者,意味着我要与我的学生和同龄人分享我对学习的热情. I am thankful to work with such fabulous students 和 peers every day. I am also humbled that my peers 和 students come to me for advice 和 guidance. Building relationships with my students 和 collaborating with my peers means the world to me.

Amy Leftwich, Special 教育
韦斯特伍德 High School

Being an educator 和 leader in the classroom means never giving up on students, treating every day as a new opportunity for learning, 和 striving to bring out the best in myself 和 my students.

韦斯特伍德 2022 Teacher of the Year Amy Leftwich

Alternative 教育 Teachers of the Year

Amy York, Special 教育
目标 学习 Center

It means being there, no matter what.

目标 2022 Teacher of the Year Amy York
10bet体育开户 Opportunity Center 2022 Teacher of the Year Archie Johnson

Archie Johnson, High School Social Skills
10bet体育开户 Opportunity Center