Dear 10bet体育开户 ISD Family,

In 10bet体育开户 ISD, we deeply value the beautiful diversity of our community. We are committed to creating 和 nurturing an inclusive environment where all forms of cultural diversity are valued, 和 equity is embedded into every facet of our operations. What we absolutely will not tolerate are racist, hateful, divisive comments 和 actions.

10bet体育开户 ISD leaders, including the executive leadership team 和 members of the Board of Trustees, were appalled when we learned of threatening 和 racist comments posted on Trustee Jun Xiao’s FaceBook page. Dr. Xiao dedicates countless volunteer hours in service to 10bet体育开户 ISD as an elected Trustee. There is no place for such hateful comments 和 ideas in our community, 和, as a District, we vehemently condemn them.

We support Trustee Cory Vessa’s objective to create a resolution for adoption by the entire Board of Trustees memorializing our support of our Asian American 和 Pacific Isl和er communities 和 condemning all forms of hate speech.

Dr. Daniel Presley,
Acting Superintendent of 学校